Invisible Illness

Beauty Queen Diaries

My name is Tracey Anson am forty one year’s old and married with two daughter’s.

You may be asking what makes me different and why do pageants . This is why I recently got diagnosed with Ehler Dan Los Hyper-mobility which means I have a faulty collagen gene and it is hereditary. For which I have baby soft skin , young looks , bruise easily , stretchy skin , dislocate my joints but inside am a eighty five year old and my internal organs are shutting down and my stomach cannot absorb food , nutrients and vitamins so am fed by a PEG ( a feeding tube into my stomach ) . As am completely nil by mouth so am on a special liquid food and feed over twenty four hours with breaks every two hours for water flushes through my PEG . Then in June 2015 I was diagnosed with…

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