How To Wear: Winter Skirt Separates 

Every emsemble! 👌 #love

Lottie L'amour

So you read all the nitty gritty from my trip to Rome last week, but I know the real question in your brain was “but what did you wear Lottie?” – don’t try and act like you don’t care, I know you do… Anyway, we only had hand luggage which, quite frankly, scared the life out of me.

I knew I needed to find something versatile and low maintenance for packing in hand luggage, but that still looked stylish and (semi) “put together”. It hit me a while ago that I tend to go for dresses over separates most of the time for eases sake, and I wanted to challenge myself to not just take the lazy option. I decided to re-embrace skirts and tops once again. I was lucky enough to be gifted a skirt, some boots and a top, so decided to put them to good use…

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