Blogging and The Ego – How to Cope when Blogging Friendships go Bad

Lottie L'amour

The past few weeks have been really, really tough. I’m about to tell you a cautionary tale of what happens when blogging friendships go bad.

Being in the blogging world can be pretty high pressured. If you’re reading this and you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve felt the unrelenting pressure to “do and say the right thing”. Put on top of that the fear of how you are seen as a person and the need to be successful (if you view blogging as a potential career) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some serious blogging anxiety. In order to be a blogger, you have to have an ego – it’s a fact of this little micro-cosmos. You might have oodles of ego, or you might have a teeny tiny bit of it, but you need something to be able to put yourself out there and believe that the content you…

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