Plus Size Boudoir & Body Confidence Tips


I recently attended a boudoir photoshoot with the wonderful Galerie Studios who take the most simple and strikingly beautiful portraits.   I was attending with my little cousin, Hannah, who at the tender age of 21 is beginning to love her curves and embrace that she is very beautiful.

I hoped that a boudoir shoot would help Hannah with her body confidence and, thankfully, I was right.   With the help of Anna, the Art Director, and Ceyla, the Client Manager, we were both made to feel completely at ease throughout the shoot.  We both came out beaming, and with some beautiful images of ourselves – mine are shared below (sorry not sorry for the overkill but I love them).

Charli Russon_211 Lingerie from Louise Ferdinand, Corset from Corset Deals UK

Unfortunately, not everyone leaves a boudoir shoot feeling so content and empowered with their own images.   Anna and Ceyla work tirelessly to…

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