Becoming A Sex Goddess – A Guide On Giving a F**k

Lottie L'amour

***I’m going to talk to you about a pretty “taboo” subject now so if you are here for fashion advice or inspiration, you can find my latest fashion posts here! This post will talk frankly about sex and includes photos of every day women in their underwear. If you are offended by comments of a sexual nature or you don’t want to see hot babes in lingerie, pop yourself over to this post about my latest adventure at British Summer Time!***

As a fat woman in a relationship, I have managed to get through all of those first date nerves, first kiss nerves, first shag nerves… you name it, I’ve felt it. I don’t think of myself as some kind of sexpert, but I do feel I know enough about how it feels to be a fat girl just about to take the plunge and show someone…

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