Invisible Illness

Beauty Queen Diaries

My name is Tracey Anson am forty one year’s old and married with two daughter’s.

You may be asking what makes me different and why do pageants . This is why I recently got diagnosed with Ehler Dan Los Hyper-mobility which means I have a faulty collagen gene and it is hereditary. For which I have baby soft skin , young looks , bruise easily , stretchy skin , dislocate my joints but inside am a eighty five year old and my internal organs are shutting down and my stomach cannot absorb food , nutrients and vitamins so am fed by a PEG ( a feeding tube into my stomach ) . As am completely nil by mouth so am on a special liquid food and feed over twenty four hours with breaks every two hours for water flushes through my PEG . Then in June 2015 I was diagnosed with…

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Health is More than Just a Number

Awesome read 🙂

The Very Hungry Faterpillar

A few weeks ago I shared this image on my personal Facebook timeline:

To which my Facebook friend replied:

​This particular friend happens to be a health professional, although not my health professional! So here is my response:
Basically I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in terms of body and mind – strong, more resilient, more positive sense of self, able to enjoy high impact exercise regularly (for years now). But I’m fat. Very fat. ‘Morbidly obese’ fat. I shouldn’t have to justify my fatness by saying “but I exercise and eat healthy food”. I’ve been lucky enough to have no medical conditions linked to my weight, 2 healthy pregnancies and births. I’m reasonably well educated and have always had a job since leaving school. Yet society sees my body shape as a problem. It urks me a little.

Before my wedding I was not in my current body confident…

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How To Wear: Winter Skirt Separates 

Every emsemble! 👌 #love

Lottie L'amour

So you read all the nitty gritty from my trip to Rome last week, but I know the real question in your brain was “but what did you wear Lottie?” – don’t try and act like you don’t care, I know you do… Anyway, we only had hand luggage which, quite frankly, scared the life out of me.

I knew I needed to find something versatile and low maintenance for packing in hand luggage, but that still looked stylish and (semi) “put together”. It hit me a while ago that I tend to go for dresses over separates most of the time for eases sake, and I wanted to challenge myself to not just take the lazy option. I decided to re-embrace skirts and tops once again. I was lucky enough to be gifted a skirt, some boots and a top, so decided to put them to good use…

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Blogging and The Ego – How to Cope when Blogging Friendships go Bad

Lottie L'amour

The past few weeks have been really, really tough. I’m about to tell you a cautionary tale of what happens when blogging friendships go bad.

Being in the blogging world can be pretty high pressured. If you’re reading this and you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve felt the unrelenting pressure to “do and say the right thing”. Put on top of that the fear of how you are seen as a person and the need to be successful (if you view blogging as a potential career) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some serious blogging anxiety. In order to be a blogger, you have to have an ego – it’s a fact of this little micro-cosmos. You might have oodles of ego, or you might have a teeny tiny bit of it, but you need something to be able to put yourself out there and believe that the content you…

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Miss British Beauty Curve Final – What a Night!

The Big Beautiful Healthy Woman

Hey Lovelies,

So I can’t believe it but the Miss British Beauty Curve Final for 2016 is all done and over. It seems so surreal. For the past 9 months I spent so much time preparing and working for this and I which I could spend my whole life  on that stage. I have to tell you guys, there is nothing quite like it!

After getting the pictures from Monsignor Photographic, I had to share it with you along with the epic-ness that was the day and the women!

So the day stared bright and early at 10am where all the ladies met outside the Old Market Theatre in Brighton. There was an air of excitement and nerves all rolled into one but if I am honest I was completely fronting. I had never been so nervous. It was so much bigger than last year! bigger stage, more finalists and a…

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